In Massachusetts, concerns have escalated as the state grapples with a significant rise in flu cases, according to recent data from the US CDC.

Philadelphia Department of Health has issued a cautionary alert to parents, guardians, and staff at a Port Richmond school in response to potential exposure to pox.

The health authorities in the US are raising serious concerns as the cases related to a drug-resistant and deadly fungus are on the rise.

The study reveals that the United States harbors a substantial pool of genetic variants, approximately 275 million, elevating the susceptibility of Americans to various health conditions.

Florida Department of Health has initiated an investigation at Manatee Bay Elementary School in Broward after confirming at least four cases of the highly contagious infection.

A critical situation emerged in Gaza's main hospital, where five patients lost their lives due to the cutoff of oxygen supply.

CDC in the US issued an emergency alert regarding the inadvertent administration of incorrect RSV shots to a limited number of pregnant individuals and young children.

The state of North Carolina is currently contending with a significant surge in STIs, as per the findings outlined in a recently released report.

The recent resurgence of measles in Maricopa County, Arizona, has prompted heightened concerns and initiated a thorough investigation by local health authorities.

Health authorities have issued a tuberculosis alert for Sweetwater High School, urging caution and preventive measures.