Alameda County Issues Warning Amid Measles Uptick: Possible Exposure Reported in the US

Visual Representation for measles infection
Visual Representation for measles infection

United States: The cases linked to measles infection have been witnessing an uptick across the United States. In midst of this, warning has been issued by the health authorities of the Alameda County on Tuesday.

As per the issued warning by the Alameda County Public Health Department, possible measles exposure has been reported at a San Leandro Restaurant, according to CBS News. The authority has outlined that the possible exposure happened on Saturday, March 9, between 4:45 pm and 7:30 pm at the Sons of Liberty restaurant.

Furthermore, the County Public Health Department outlined that the people who are not sure about their vaccination status for measles and are pregnant, immunocompromised should immediately call their health care provider. In addition to this, similar steps must be taken by the individuals whose child is not vaccinated or they have an infant.

Measles and its symptoms! 

Symptoms indicative of measles may emerge within a variable timeframe ranging from seven to 21 days subsequent to exposure, thus necessitating heightened vigilance during the period spanning from the sixteenth to the thirtieth day of the third month.

Visual Representation for Measles Virus | Credits: Getty Images

Such symptoms encompass a spectrum of symptoms including but not limited to fever, respiratory distress, nasal discharge, ocular inflammation, and a dermal eruption characterized by its potential duration lasting up to one week.

Furthermore, it is pertinent to note that certain individuals may also experience gastrointestinal disturbances, otitis media, and pulmonary inflammation as sequelae of the viral infection.

Measles, owing to its remarkably high transmissibility, is primarily disseminated through direct contact with contagion-laden particles or via airborne transmission. In the event of symptomatic onset, it is strongly advised by health authorities to initiate contact with a medical facility and provide notification of potential measles exposure prior to presenting oneself for medical evaluation.