Alarming surge in drug-resistant fungus cases across US, with New Jersey reporting disturbing numbers

Alarming surge in drug-resistant fungus cases across US | Credits: Getty Images
Alarming surge in drug-resistant fungus cases across US | Credits: Getty Images

United States: The health authorities of the United States have sounded alarms following the growing number of cases related to a drug-resistant deadly fungus. According to the details shared by the health authorities, the fungus has been increasing with every passing day and has reached up to a troubling rate in US states, especially New Jersey.

The issue was recently addressed by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which stated that the fungus, which is also known as C. auris, “is an emerging fungus that presents a serious global health threat” that kills approximately one-third of the population which contracted it.

The health experts have mentioned that in most cases, the fungus is found in healthcare facilities, for which long-term acute care is provided.

Cases found in the United States!

The stats shared by the New Jersey Department of Health mentioned that as of the beginning of the new year (2024), New Jersey has reported around 1,668 cases linked to “superbug”. Out of the total, a high number of cases, i.e. 384, were reported in 2023.

Visual Representation for fungus | Credits: CDC

According to the health agency, most of the cases were reported in Bergen, Passaic, Essex, Union, and Middlesex counties.

In this regard, the New Jersey Department of Health’s website stated, “Patients can carry C. auris on their body, even if it is not making them sick. This is called colonization.”

Furthermore, it outlined, “When people in hospitals and nursing homes are colonized, C. auris can spread from their bodies and can get on other people or nearby objects, allowing the fungus to spread to people around them.”

Recent stats linked to fungus outbreak!

The health agencies have mentioned that in recent weeks, fungus-related outbreaks have been reported in Washington, Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. As per the reports by MedPage Today, during the current season, the United States has been reporting the highest number of cases of C. auris.

 C auris and its impact on the human body!

Health experts have mentioned that with the entry of the fungus into the bloodstream of an individual, it spreads throughout the body and may become a serious invasive infection. It is also concerning that the infections – caused by the fungus are difficult to treat as the fungus is resistant to anti-fungal drugs and injections.

Visual Representation for C auris fungus

Health experts have underlined that the fungus can stay on surfaces, such as bed sheets, door handles, oxygen masks, and bed rails, for many days, whereas on plastic, it can survive for multiple weeks, according to the report published by MedPage Today.

With the increase in the number of cases linked to the fungus, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has mentioned that the healthcare authorities must actively follow possible precautionary measures, such as maintaining hand hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting the environment, and laboratory testing of clinical specimens.