CDC data supports COVID-19 vaccination efficacy amid rising cases in the US

Vaccines against COVID-19 | Credits: Reuters
Vaccines against COVID-19 | Credits: Reuters

United States: As the cases related to COVID-19 have been increasing in the United States, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has asked the public to get vaccinated against the virus as early data has revealed that the infection could be cured by 50 percent with a jab.

It is to be noted that the vaccination formula was changed by the manufacturers to combat the Omicron variant XBB.1.5 – which caused the COVID-19 wave in 2023. However, the data from the CDC showed that the latest vaccines are also effective against the JN.1 variant.

The conclusion was drawn after a team of researchers conducted a study on 9000 adults who tested positive for COVID-19 in Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy between mid-September and mid-January.

The report by the CDC outlined that COVID-19 vaccines are 54 percent effective against symptomatic infection.

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The study was led by the head of the vaccine effectiveness program for COVID and RSV – Ruth Link-Gelles, who was quoted saying, “Everything from this study is reassuring that the vaccines are providing the protection that we expected.”

Link-Gelles continued, “While we don’t have an estimate of vaccine effectiveness specific to immunocompromised people, the fact that the vaccine is working in the general population provides, I think, reassurance for the whole population.”

While elaborating on the importance of such studies and research works, she outlined, “That’s a really nice feature of this analysis, that it checks that box: Yes, the vaccine is working, it’s providing protection, it’s providing protection for JN.1, which is the current most common variant,” according to CNN-Health.

However, while emphasizing the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine, Link-Gelles stated that the recent vaccine trend shows that protection offered by the jabs will decrease in the upcoming times, and a very slight ‘hint’ was observed in the recent study.

According to the reports by CNN-Health, the CDC has anticipated carrying forward the research to determine the effectiveness of the latest vaccine, how well vaccines are acting against the current infection, and how quickly the protection will wane.

What does the wastewater data suggest?

The wastewater data showed that the levels of COVID-19 will continue to rise to high levels across the nation. The current stats revealed that currently, approximately tens of thousands of people are hospitalized, and hundreds have succumbed to the virus, as per CNN-Health.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the United States reported 31,000 hospital admissions and around 1,800 deaths as of the week ending on January 13. Despite such huge numbers, the vaccination rate among adults is about one in five, and among children is one in nine.

Emphasizing the need for the COVID-19 vaccine, Link-Gelles said, “There’s never a bad time to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Even with relatively low levels of hospitalization right now… that extra protection is going to go a long way.”