Flu cases surge in the US, resulting in over a dozen deaths

Flu cases surge in the US
Flu cases surge in the US

United States: This season of flu has resulted in the deaths of more than dozens of children across New Jersey and New York, according to the details by the health experts. The states have seen an upsurge in deaths during the winter season.

The local health agencies have sounded alarm as the death rate due to flu has been increasing with every week.

What does the data from the New York State Health Department reveal?

The New York State has reported around 11 pediatric deaths from the illness since the start of the season, according to the officials from the New York State Health Department. It is to be noted that the officials have refused to share all the details or ages of the infected children.

The Health Department has further mentioned that the flu has been attacking the general public of New York State for more than three months – during this season. It is to be noted that earlier, the season remained for just two months.

What do official figures suggest? 

The official data by the health authorities have outlined that the State reported approximately 20,800 cases – during the week commencing on February 17. Out of the total, around 1,000 were hospitalized. The official data has also revealed that the reported figures were much higher as compared to the number of cases reported during the same time last year, i.e., 2,472 cases with 185 hospitalizations.

According to the Health Department of New York State, during the ongoing flu season, the State has reported 600 outbreaks at New York hospitals and nursing homes. Out of the total, 30 were reported during the last week.

Stats shared by the local health agency of New Jersey!

The local health authorities of New Jersey have mentioned that two children, aged five years and seven years, have succumbed to the flu infection. The stats have been revealed in the most recent data.

The health authorities have also mentioned that one of the deceased children was suffering from an underlying medical condition.

During the ongoing flu season, between 2023 and 2024, across New Jersey, approximately 60,000 flu-linked cases have been reported.

Precautionary measures shared by health authorities!

The health experts from both states have appealed to the residents and citizens of both nations to receive the updated flu shot. They have also asked the general public to keep a close eye on the signs or symptoms, including fever and chills, sore throat and cough, runny or stuffy nose, muscle or body aches, headache, fatigue, and sometimes vomiting or diarrhea, and get diagnosed if any of the above is experienced.