Flu hits Tennessee hard: Five pediatric deaths reported, surpassing last season’s toll – a matter of concern?

Flu hits the US hard
Flu hits the US hard

United States: The flu has been targeting the population of Tennessee with full force. This year, the flu has been majorly attacking the younger population of the United States – which has put the health agencies on high alert. According to the data from the Tennessee Department of Health, the US state has reported five (5) pediatric deaths this season.

As per the latest influenza report published by the Tennessee Department of Health, the count has reached five after a death was reported during the week – commencing on February 11 and ending on February 19.

It is to be noted that pediatric influenza-related deaths have surpassed last season’s deaths – with three (3), according to newschannel9.

Health experts have mentioned that the number of deaths is on the rise across the nation.

Statements addressing the concern!

After five pediatric deaths have been reported by the Tennessee Health Department, the expert with the Hamilton County Health Department – Dr Stephen Miller, has mentioned that the infection is dangerous for all age groups and not just the younger population.  

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Dr Miller was quoted saying, according to newschannel9, “The individuals that we’re more concerned about would be the very young as well as our elderly population, and then those that are immunocompromised for any reasons.”

According to him, the United States has reported as many as 91 pediatric deaths.

Along with this, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a total of 25 million illnesses, 280,000 hospitalizations, and 17,000 deaths have been reported during this flu season.

According to various health experts, Tennessee is among the US states that have been reporting high flu activity. In this regard, Dr Miller has emphasized that one of the major reasons behind the same is the lack of vaccinations.

Dr Miller was quoted saying, “When you look at our immunization rates, we’re kind of usually in the middle to lower percentage of the country, and that makes a difference.”

While elaborating upon the ways to reduce the risk of contracting the infection, Dr Miller mentioned that the individual must keep up with the scheduled immunization and should get the jab according to the instructions from a doctor.

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Furthermore, he highlighted that it will never be too late to get a shot against influenza. And if you do catch the flu, then “don’t go to school or church, consider staying home from work and be mindful of other people’s health, in addition to your own in your own family,” as suggested by Dr Miller.

Flu season in Tennessee!

According to the reports, this time, flu season started on October 1, 2023. Since then, the state of Tennessee has reported a total of four (4) influenza outbreaks in the state. According to the Tennessee Health Department, the outbreaks were reported in the Mid-Cumberland region, West Region, Memphis/Shelby County, and East Region.