Israeli strike on Gaza hospital kills 12

Indonesian Hospital in Gaza | Credits: Google
Indonesian Hospital in Gaza | Credits: Google

Around 12 people have lost their lives in an Israeli strike, according to the health ministry of the Gaza Strip – a territory run by the militant group Hamas. The death cases have been reported in a hospital in the north of the Palestinian territory.

The incident was addressed by the Ministry Spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra. He was quoted saying that “12 were killed and dozens wounded as a result of the Israeli occupation targeting the Indonesian Hospital,” according to AFP.

However, furthermore, the ministry mentioned that the personnel have been finding it difficult to recover the dead bodies.

Palestinian enclave’s Health Minister, Munir al-Bursh, from the hospital, stated, “The (Israeli) occupation has destroyed some buildings of the Indonesian Hospital, and other buildings are under sniper fire.”

Israel-Hamas conflict update

The Defence Forces of Israel started a brutal attack against the militant group Hamas following a surprise attack on October 7. According to the Israeli authorities, the attack killed as many as 1,200 people – the majority of which were civilians.

As a counterattack, Israeli forces launched multiple airstrikes and ground operations – because of which the death rate has reached 13,000, according to the Hamas-run government. It is to be noted that out of the total deaths, thousands were children.

Indonesian Hospitals extended hands for assistance

Indonesian Hospital has provided 140 beds for the treatment of 650 patients, out of which 100 require urgent surgery, according to Bursh.

Reportedly, the Israeli Defense Forces asked the civilians in northern Gaza to leave the area and find shelter in the southern region as it planned to expand its operational activities. However, the Gazan Health Minister underscored that the Forces ‘targeted’ the people who were leaving the Indonesian Hospital, as per the reports by AFP.

“Israeli strikes have hit the clinics and surgeries floor at the hospital, destroyed equipment and bodies are piled up,” he said, the news agency quoted.

Israel is launching a war against hospitals: Hamas

“It is a war against hospitals,” outlined the Hamas government while targeting the Israeli forces’ continuous attacks. This statement has been given following the continuous attacks on the medical facilities in recent weeks.

Bombardment by the Israeli Defense Forces | Credits: AFP via Getty Images

Israel’s response

Following the allegations, the Defence Forces of Israel mentioned that the group had constructed an infrastructure – for military use – below the hospital buildings. However, this statement was rubbished by the medical officials.

On Sunday, footage was shared by the authority in which it stated that it had discovered a 55-meter-long “terror tunnel.” The video also showed that the hostages had been brought to the al-Shifa hospital.

International agencies raise concerns

Recently, the United Nations humanitarian agency OCHA announced that the hospitals across northern Gaza have reported a “collapse of service.” This announcement was made following continuous strikes, causing a lack of fuel and medical supplies.

Gazan premature babies on ventilator | Credits: AFP

On Sunday, the World Health Organisation (WHO) described al-Shifa, the largest hospital in the territory. The strikes resulted in the evacuation of 31 premature babies towards the southern region – out of which 28 were transferred to Egypt. As per the stats shared by WHO, the hospitals are working with only around 250 patients and 20 healthcare workers.