Measles outbreak raises concerns at Florida elementary school: Health authorities investigate cluster of cases

Representation for virus causing measles infection | Credits: Science Photo Library
Representation for virus causing measles infection | Credits: Science Photo Library

United States: Concerns related to measles infection have been continuously raised among the United States health authorities. Recently, the disease-related concern has been shared by the Florida Department of Health after the investigation commenced at a Broward Elementary School.  

The investigation at the school started after a cluster of cases were reported there. On Saturday, Broward County Public Schools confirmed the presence of at least four cases of measles at Manatee Bay Elementary School, according to the report published by the Miami Herald.

The district did not specify whether those affected were students, teachers, or other staff members at the K-5 school situated at 19200 Manatee Isles Drive in Weston. According to The Sun Sentinel, the initial case at the school involved a third-grader who had not traveled recently. Parents and teachers received notifications about the situation on Friday.

Rashes caused because of measles infection | Credits: Google Images

In a release issued by the Health Department after the cases were detected, the healthcare experts mentioned, “DOH-Broward is continuously working with all partners, including Broward County Public Schools and local hospitals, to identify contacts that are at risk of transmission,” adding “Health care providers in the area have been notified.”

Common symptoms experienced by a measles-infected person!

The health department has emphasized that measles is a highly contagious infection that can stay in the air for at least two hours. It is to be noted that the infection could possess a 90 percent contraction rate among the population that is immunocompromised and has not received a vaccine against measles.

As per the details shared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the most common symptoms of measles, including a rash or a fever, appear between eight to 14 days of infection. The mentioned health complications can cause serious or severe health complications among the younger population – younger than the age of five.

Accordingly, the virus (causing measles) is transmissible even after four days of the appearance of rashes.

Some other common symptoms which can be experienced by an infected person are as follows:

  • Runny nose
  • Cough, and
  • Red and watery eyes.

According to the CDC, around 20% of individuals in the United States who contract measles may require hospitalization. There is a risk of one in 1,000 individuals experiencing brain swelling, potentially resulting in brain damage. Disturbingly, one in three people out of every 1,000 cases may face a fatal outcome, as per the Miami Herald.

Vaccines against Measles!

The Health Department has been appealing to the general public to receive the jab against the infection to decrease the spread of measles across the community. The Department has been urging patients to get the MMR – measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine, which shows 99 percent effectiveness against the infection.

Representation for dosage of MMR vaccine

It is to be noted that, as per the report by CBS News, the vaccination rate in the United States has witnessed a decline compared to previous rates. Additionally, the reports mentioned that Florida reported a 91.7 percent vaccination rate against measles.