Mississippi tops unhealthy states ranking: Urgent call for improved healthcare infrastructure as death rates soar!

Map representation for Mississippi | Credits: iStock
Map representation for Mississippi | Credits: iStock

United States: The people of Mississippi are more likely to die unnecessarily as compared to the residents of other states, according to the stats shared by the health officials of the state. The health experts have outlined that the major reason behind this is the under-developed healthcare system of the state.

The State Health Officer – Dr Daniel Edney, has asked the legislators to work with the health care professionals to improve the health status of Mississippi as it was recently listed as the unhealthiest state in the United States, according to reports by AP. The official stats mentioned that the state was at the bottom of every healthcare indicator and topped every segment related to health disparity.

During a news conference inside a Mississippi Capitol, Edney said, “If we choose the right policies for our people, we will see us move off the radar of having the highest rate of preventable death.”

Detailed ranking of Mississippi

Recently, a report was revealed by the Mississippi State Medical Association, which listed down the healthiest and unhealthiest states in the United States. As per the same, Mississippi was at the bottom of the chart for infant mortality. Another shocking statistic was shared by health officials, which informed that Black infants had died two times more as compared to Whites over the past ten years.

Visual Representation for unhealthy and sick person

Death rate in Mississippi

According to the official data, Mississippi state has somehow managed to lower the opioid death rate by approximately 10 percent in the year 2022; however, it still tops the list of states in firearm deaths. In addition to this, the rates of obesity and diabetes have declined but still take the lives of the majority of the population of the United States.

The reports further shed light upon the fact that another major cause of death is heart disease.

Improved medical infrastructure – a key to improved living!

While elaborating on improved and developed infrastructure, Edney mentioned that access to better healthcare coverage for the working class in Mississippi can lead to improved medical outcomes.

It is to be noted that Mississippi is among ten (10) states that have not presented Medicaid coverage to the people who are working in jobs that provide modest wages but no private health insurance, according to the Associated Press.

In this regard, the President of the Mississippi State Medical Association – Dr John Mitchell, mentioned that he is in support of any of the programs or initiatives that will increase access to medical care – this could be any other or Medicaid.

Mitchell was quoted saying, “Every improvement made towards better public health outcomes in our state pays dividends for a healthier Mississippi, a more productive Mississippi, and a future Mississippi abounding with opportunity.”

As per the health officials, the state registered such a higher death toll despite having the highest vaccination rate for diseases such as polio, measles, and mumps – which raised a concern.