Norovirus outbreak forces closure of Fairhope West Elementary, prompting widespread absenteeism in local schools

Norovirus outbreak forces closure of Fairhope West Elementary
Norovirus outbreak forces closure of Fairhope West Elementary

United States: The Norovirus outbreak has swept across the United States, resulting in the closure of various schools and educational institutions. Reportedly, Fairhope West Elementary has been closed due to a virus outbreak after hundreds of students have fallen sick due to the virus.

Over 1,000 students stayed at home and did not attend school as a norovirus-linked outbreak has been reported in local public schools, according to the reports by Reportedly, the school management has announced the closure of the school for at least two (2) days, i.e., Thursday and Friday, due to the virus.

With this announcement, the number of absentees climbed across the other schools in the area. The reports have suggested that more than 1,231 students were absent from other Fairhope schools due to sickness and precaution. The authorities and management have mentioned that they have ordered a professional service for deep-cleaning of the campus.

According to the official data, 721 students were absent in Fairhope East Elementary, 136 were absent in J. Larry Newton, 170 were absent in Fairhope Middle School, and 204 were absent in Fairhope High School.

The sickness and the major cause of the sickness are being investigated by the Alabama Department of Public Health. The local health officials have mentioned, “Symptoms of illness include vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and nausea,” according to reports by

Fairhope West Elementary School campus

In addition to this, ADPH has outlined that no hospitalization has been reported due to norovirus illness; however, the parents and guardians are concerned about sending their children to school.

In addition, symptoms were shared by the American Medical Association, which mentioned that the common signs and symptoms of the infection are “nausea, stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting, as well as fever, headache, and body aches.”

According to the reports, only 145 students out of 866 attended the Fairhope East Elementary School on Friday. After noticing low attendance, Baldwin County Public Schools Superintendent – Eddie Tyler appealed to the parents of the school students to keep their wards at home, according to News5.

In the case of Fairhope West Elementary, as many as 773 students were reported to be absent at Fairhope West Elementary, and the school was attended by only 201 students in the midst of a possible outbreak.

According to the reports, the school management of one elementary school has ordered for complete shutdown, and one school has put a notice.