The US Resident Contracts Avian Flu Linked to Dairy Cattle Exposure

Visual Representation for Avian Flu | Credits: CDC
Visual Representation for Avian Flu | Credits: CDC

United States: In Texas, health authorities have affirmed that an individual has been diagnosed with avian flu subsequent to the transmission of the viral infection to dairy cattle in the preceding month.

The first and only symptom described in the report of the case published by the Texas Department of State Health Services was reddening eyes or swollen eyelids. The diagnosis was confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention over the weekend. The recommended course of treatment has oseltamivir as part of it, according to health officials, as shown by

On Monday, it was known that the danger was greater in terms of public health and safety, as well as the very low ability of the swine flu virus to transmit from one person to another. Health authorities in Texas related the fact that people residing in close proximity to birds deemed to have been affected by suspected influenza A (H5N1) are mostly contracting the infection and, hence, at a higher risk than others.

Visual Representation for Bird Flu | Credits: Getty Images

The one who confirmed positive statefully had contact directly with dairy cows that have been taken away for the test, which showed positive results, the Department of Agriculture officials informed.

This illness represents the second documented case of H5N1 flu in the United States and, notably, the first associated with dairy cattle. In recent announcements, it was revealed that cattle at two dairy farms in Texas and two in Kansas returned positive tests for avian influenza. Additionally, instances of the virus have been detected in Michigan, with presumptive positive tests indicating its possible spread to herds in Idaho and New Mexico, as reported by The Washington Post.

Efforts are underway to ascertain the mode of transmission of the virus. Furthermore, it was underscored that these infections do not pose a threat to the commercial milk supply, as dairy farms are obligated to either dispose of or divert milk from affected cows, and pasteurization has been proven effective in neutralizing avian flu viruses, reported.

Healthcare providers are urged to exercise vigilance regarding potential avian flu infections in individuals exhibiting flu-like symptoms and a pertinent history of exposure. According to the Texas Department of State Health Services, symptoms of avian flu may encompass:

– Pyrexia (temperature exceeding 100°F) or sensations of feverishness or chills

– Productive cough

– Irritation of the throat

– Nasal congestion or rhinorrhea

– Cephalalgia

– Lassitude

– Ocular redness (conjunctivitis)

– Dyspnea or respiratory distress

– Gastrointestinal disturbances, including diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting

– Seizures

Visual Representation fro Bird Flu Testing | Credits: Reuters

On the other hand, eye pinkness or conjunctivitis was also reported in many cases, as mentioned by the authorities, as per

It was in the 2022 Presidential election when workers in a Colorado poultry industry, contracting avian flu from birds they were suspected of carrying, tested positive for the virus. They have one or some days of feeling tired, thereafter progressing to full recovery, according to the CDC.