US faces measles resurgence: CDC raises concerns over spike in cases

Rashes by Measles Virus | Credits: Google Images
Rashes by Measles Virus | Credits: Google Images

United States: The measles outbreak has taken another horrifying turn as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has raised concerns about rapidly increasing cases of the disease across the United States.

The health agency has appealed to the general public to be safe and follow all the possible precautionary measures so that infection can be avoided. The concerns were raised after the nation reported approximately 23 measles cases between December 1, 2023, and January 23, 2024.

Out of the total, seven (7) cases were reported from international travelers, and the count increased with two (2) outbreaks of five (5) cases each.

Which US states reported measles cases in Jan?

The local health authorities have revealed that six (6) states of the United States have reported measles cases. The six states were Delaware, Georgia, Missouri, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC.

Representation for measles virus | Credits: Google Images

Along with this, Philadelphia reported nine (9) measles cases this month. It is to be noted that the official data by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) outlined that the majority of the cases were reported among the young population, including children and teenagers, who have not received vaccination against the disease.

While addressing the concern, the CDC outlined, “Measles cases often originate from unvaccinated or under-vaccinated US residents who travel internationally and then transmit the disease to people who are not vaccinated against measles. The increased number of measles importations seen in recent weeks is reflective of a rise in global measles cases and a growing global threat from the disease,” according to Scripps News.

Low vaccination rate sounds alarm!

More than 8,500 schools in the United States have reported a measles outbreak due to low vaccination rates, according to a recently conducted investigation by CBS News. The report further hinted that the vaccination rates among kindergartens have fallen to less than 95% – a figure set by the CDC for vaccination rate against measles.

Vaccine for Measles, mumps, and rubella | Credits: iStock

Through the report, CBS News noted, “It examined data from tens of thousands of public and private schools in 19 states and communities that make that information available to parents and the public.”

Measles and its roots in the United States

With continuous and effective vaccination efforts against the disease, the United States successfully eradicated measles in 2000; however, the cases started to increase in 2010 due to the availability of the infection worldwide.

The cases saw a peak in 2019 after 1,274 cases were reported in 31 states of the United States. It is to be noted that the majority of the cases were reported among the unvaccinated population.

Following the recent crisis and possible outbreaks, health authorities – across the world have once again started encouraging the public to get vaccinated.