Dengue Epidemic Emerges, US Health Officials on High Alert

Dengue Epidemic Emerges, US Health Officials on High Alert. Credit | Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain
Dengue Epidemic Emerges, US Health Officials on High Alert. Credit | Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain

United States: A vector-borne disease has raised the concerns among the general public of the United States as one of the countries in the Americas has declared health emergency over dengue.

According to the health authorities of Puerto Rico, a health emergency has been declared about the cases linked to dengue, which is a mosquito-borne illness that has witnessed an upsurge throughout the Americas in 2024.

Reportedly, the concerns have been raised by health officials after Puerto Rico reported as many as 529 cases of dengue across the US territory, a residence for around 3.2 million people. The health authorities have revealed that the majority of the cases have been detected in the capital of San Juan.

Along with this, the health authorities have also shared some basic information linked to contagious infection. Accordingly, the fever caused by dengue is also known as “breakbone fever,” and the common signs and symptoms of the infection are headaches, soreness, fever, and rashes. In addition to this, dengue-infected persons can also succumb to the disease – in certain cases.

While addressing the concern of bypassing historical records associated with dengue, the Health Secretary of Puerto Rico – Carlos Mellado, shared a statement and highlighted, “This year, cases of dengue have surpassed historical records.”

Mellado further clarified that as of now, the health authorities have not announced any travel-related guidelines, i.e., traveling to and from the nation, which is known to be a popular holiday destination, has not been impacted. However, he emphasized that such restrictions will make it easier for the health department to access the detection and prevention.

World Dealing with Dengue!

This year, the health authorities across the world has reported high number of cases linked to the mosquito-borne disease. According to the official data, the cases have been identified across large swathes of the Americas, including countries like Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Uruguay.

Emphasizing the US states, the majority of the mosquito-borne illnesses, especially dengue, were reported in certain parts of Florida, causing health alerts.