Epidemic Alert: Mpox Cases Soar in the US, Prompting Urgent Action

Mpox Cases Soar in the US, Prompting Urgent Action. Credit | Depositphotos
Mpox Cases Soar in the US, Prompting Urgent Action. Credit | Depositphotos

United States: The emergence of cases of Mpox in the United States has surged, nearly doubling compared to the corresponding period of the previous year, as per the recent data provided by the CDC.

There is an approximate nationwide count of 511 cases recorded till mid-March, marking a significant rise from 287 cases during the equivalent timeframe in the preceding year. New York City, in particular, has grappled with over a hundred cases this year, a stark contrast to a mere thirty cases in the preceding year, according to reports by ABC13 News.

Mpox, disease that like monkeypox has been known to cause death very rarely, and its symptoms almost resemble smallpox but not as severe, is the contagious infectious agent as revealed by the CDC

According to historical records, the disease has been mostly seen in central and western Africa. Whereas, the reported cases first surfaced in May 2022 in the United States. Since then, over 32,000 cases have been reported, accompanied by 58 fatalities in the US, as per CDC statistics. The outbreak prompted the Biden administration to proclaim a public health crisis in 2022, and the situation was largely contained owing to the widespread acceptance of vaccination within high-risk demographics.

“The fight with Mpox is mostly dependent on people vaccination, high-risk scenario included. This rebound in cases clearly shows that the virus is persistent and the control of the disease requires continuous vigilance and steps of precaution,” Dr John Brownstein, Innovation Chief Officer at the Boston Children’s Hospital & contributor at ABC News pointed as he concluded.

The spread of Mpox is directing towards epidemic, because of its ruthless and homogenous transmission rate. However, gay and bisexual men, along with other cohorts who were the initial targets of the virus, occurred to be more vulnerable as the epidemic started primarily circulating within this community. The varicella-zoster virus, a viral infection that causes a facial rash and intense blisters mostly spreads through relatively close contact between people’s broken skin, as per ABC News.

Center for Disease Control (CDC) promulgated that the Jynneos vaccine should be utilized by those individuals who are at higher risk of infection, including those who came across Mpox-infected people. Also, the availability of the vaccine has been expanded to include both men who have sex with men and females who are homosexual or bisexual, especially those who engage in risky sexual behaviors like having multiple sexual partners in the past six months or a past history of sexually transmitted diseases. Moreover, people whose immune system is compromised to various degrees are included as well.

Mpox Cases Soar in the US, Prompting Urgent Action. Credit | iStock
Mpox Cases Soar in the US, Prompting Urgent Action. Credit | iStock

The vaccine protocol is based on two doses and can be delivered intradermically or into epi-dermal layers. Now, the recommendations for bi-annual booster doses are incorporated. The CDC website has a module listing locations where virology vaccines are available, ABC News, reported.

Human-to-human transmission of monkey Pox takes place via the tightest possible personal contact, including sexual intercourse, kissing, concussive face-to-face talks, and the like, as per CDC. The very most obvious sign of infection is the development of a rash that may come around in various body parts such as hands, feet, chest, face, mouth, and the genital region. Further symptoms are similar to another adhesive disease, which include fever, chills, headache, and body weakness.